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Catholic Character in Catholic Schools

Policy One Guidelines [pdf 1.63Mb]

Guidance for Proprietors and their agents in running an Integrated school

The Common Good Imperative

FE Funding Guidelines for Proprietors and BoTs



To the New Zealand Catholic Education Office

Here you will find a range of information about Catholic education in New Zealand, and a link to the website of The National Centre for Religious Studies, which is responsible for the Religious Education curriculum.



Cyclone digital learning support

Integrated schools to embrace digital learning professional development,


CEO Blog

Citizens of the world

In July 2015 the United Nations estimated the world's population reached 7.1 billion people. To put this in perspective, New Zealand's population of 4.5 million represents 0.63% of the global population. Add to this reality despite that we are one of the more isolated countries in the world, it is wonderfully strange that so many of our fellow citizens have a reasonably good knowledge of the world's major issues, even though we are far removed from them...



CEO Reflections

A collection of thoughts and reflections from the CEO... more

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