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Catholic Character in Catholic Schools

FE Funding Guidelines for Proprietors and BoTs



To the New Zealand Catholic Education Office

Here you will find a range of information about Catholic education in New Zealand, and a link to the website of The National Centre for Religious Studies, which is responsible for the Religious Education curriculum.


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Integrated schools to embrace digital learning professional development,


Dear colleagues



You will probably be aware that the Office's Operations Manager, Maureen Condliffe, finished her role on Thursday 22nd October. Clearly we will miss her!

Until a permanent appointment is made to the Operations Manager role, the following arrangements will be in place.

Communications regarding property issues can be directed to any of the following people:

  1. Susan Apathy: 04 496 1739 or email
  2. Donna Campbell: 04 496 1739 or email
  3. Pat Lynch: 04 496 1739 or email

If an enquiry focuses on a maximum role increase or an ongoing operational property issue you could contact Jane O'Connell: 04 496 1739 or email

Any general or specific questions relating to our Integrated School system can be directed to me, Susan Apathy or Donna Campbell, at the phone numbers and email addresses above. Please do not hesitate to be in touch.

If you have any general enquiries you may care to email

I am confident that we have the personnel in place who are able to handle whatever issues you may have, which are connected with your Proprietorship. Current arrangements with Ministry of Education personnel will obviously continue. We will continue to deliver quality services.

Offering you support and best wishes


Pat Lynch

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